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AM-Dagen 2018 Engelska - 3dp Event

Business aspects

During the day you will hear about the business aspects of implementing additive manufacturing in the production process – every step from planning, investment to deployment and delivery. You will learn how other companies have introduced new technologies in their processes and what this has menat for costs and efficiency. Ask the experts your questions and discuss what would be best for your company.


Gain expertise knowledge on how different additive manufacturing techniques works, how to solve problems and how to get a production that delivers quality and stable repeatability. Listen to experts research within the field and how additive manufacturing is being used on the market today. Ask the questions you have about the technology to the exhibitors and look at machines in our exhibition.

New techniques

Over this past year, the development in additive manufacturing of metalparts has skyrocketed. During this year’s conference, you will learn more about metal additive manufacturing and the latest news about metal powder production. In the exhibition you will get acquainted with new innovative technologies.

Information & Price

AM-Dagen 2018 takes place at Kistamässans conference-center the 5th of december, between 08.30-16.00. The price includes breakfast, lunch and coffee.  When you have registered, just show up at the event and collect your name tag. 

The presentations will start at 09.00. 

Price: 3990 SEK ex moms
Student: 750 SEK ex moms


Go 3, pay only for 2!

You’ll get:

  • A complete day with unique knowledge about different 3d-printing techniques for industrial applications 
  • Listen to the latest news within 3d-printing metal 
  • Network with colleagues and experts
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee
  • Take a closer look at 3d printers and sample prints in our exhibitors 



Additive manufacturing – today and in the future

In Sigurd Bergs, from Höganäs AB, presentation during AM-Dagen, AM products (additive manufacturing) and their manufacturing techniques are based on market requirements today and future AM requirements to expand into areas located in the starting pits. What is required to create its prerequisites and how can such a product portfolio look? 

Why Use Metal When You Can Use Plastic?

Discover the benefits additive manufacturing is bringing to activities such as lightweighting, high performance part development and metal replacement projects. During the presentation we will deep dive into a range of applications including printing real carbon fibre composite parts, 3D printing composite layup tooling, developing manufacturing aids, and producing end use production parts. Speaker: James Short, Stratasys. (Eng)

”The robot takes the 3D printer all the way into the foundry”

Åsa Lauenstein is Senior Researcher at RISE and project manager in the field of molding and cast materials. During the AMD, Åsa presents the project ”The robot takes the 3D printer all the way into the foundry”. 3D sandpaper printers represent a paradigm shift for the Swedish foundry industry, but require increased automation to be used in the production of larger volumes. In an ongoing project in collaboration between robot manufacturers, machine suppliers, cast iron suppliers and research actors, solutions are being investigated to automate the post-processing of the sand molds and incorporating the new technology into existing production lines.

AM in production

Acron is a pioneer in 3Dprinting Sweden, since they installed their first SLA machine in 1997. This year, they went on to work only with 3d printing in an effort to continue to be the market leader in 3D printing for production. Kenny Johansson, CEO of Acron, explains how to cost-efficient and, above all, optimize its production through SLS technology.

Project OPTIPAM: Increase competitiveness internationally

Torsten Sjögren will present results from the OPTIPAM research project, completed in 2017. The purpose of OPTIPAM was to increase the competitiveness of manufacturing with additive manufacturing in an international market through shorter lead times, more flexible production and customization. The presentation will show overall results from the project and focus deeper on how the strength of the material is affected by the printing process in relation to the printed goods thickness and how this in turn can affect the dimensioning of additive manufactured components.

How much focus is on printing with metal within science?

Annika Strondl is Group Manager for powder materials and additive manufacturing at Swerim. She is also the coordinator of the Swedish arena for additive metal manufacturing (www.AM-Arena.se). Annika presents the Intoaction project and updates on how they follow the AM-Arena Roadmap; how much money is invested in Sweden on research in AM metal and on what.

Digital Metals binder jetting-technology

On AM-Dagen, Alexander Digital Metals 3d technology presents the jetting and manufacturing process. In addition to talking about the benefits, he will also talk about the limitations of technology in different contexts. In the exhibition space, Digital Metal will showcase a variety of proofs with binder jetting technology.

Machine Learning and Generative Design, blessing or curse?

New production technologies and materials offer designers and engineers more freedom in innovation. Will that freedom be limited by Generative Design and Machine learning or does it offer opportunities and support with product innovation. What is possible today with Generative Design and what technology is available tomorrow? Speaker: Lars Nyström, Autodesk.

Large scale wood 3D-printing: new, unexplored opportunities

Anordica, a modern Swedish supplier of industrial equipment and materials within additive manufacturing, will be presenting a completely new technology for 3D-printing with wooden composites, developed by UPM Biocomposites. The technology creates new creative opportunities to work with sustainable and recyclable natural materials in large and small scales. Speaker: Alexander Zolotarevski


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AM-Dagen 2018  |  Kistamässan Stockholm |  December 5th


Hanna Jangenfeldt
Project manager
+46 79 347 84 92



Daniel Wahlgren
+46 76 317 80 91